Where do I park?

There are no designated parking areas for jurors.  The following parking lots and garages are available at discounted rates:

  • ALRIGHT PARKING GARAGE  $2 - Jefferson at BB King Blvd (Third St.)…behind the black office building at 200 Jefferson, Garage Closes at 6 PM                            
  • PREMIER PARKING GARAGE  $2- Directly across Jefferson Street from the Alright Parking Garage
  • SECURE PARKING  $3 - 219 Adams (Across from the D'Army Bailey Circuit Court House)
  • BEST PARK  $3 - 156 Exchange, Behind St. Mary’s Church, corner of Second and Exchange. In and out privileges allowed. YOU MUST PRESS THE ‘JURY DUTY’ BUTTON FOR DISCOUNT OR PAY $5.00. DISCOUNT IS OFFERED UNTIL 11AM, MONDAY-THURSDAY. TIME EXPIRES AT 6PM
  • BEST PARK  $5 - 81 N. Second Street, Corner of Jefferson and Second Street. In and out privileges allowed
  • BEST PARK  $3 - 60 N. BB King Blvd (Third St.), corner of Jefferson and BB King Blvd
  • BEST PARK  $2 - 215 Jefferson Ave

Please pay attention to all signs & be sure to insert or pay the attendant the correct amount to cover your parking time.  The Jury Commission is not responsible for any tickets, tows and tire boots.   

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