Unused Sick Leave Payout

Shelby County Government currently allows for payment of unused sick leave to immediate or deferred retirements.  Immediate retirements will receive their payouts within 6 weeks of retirement.  Deferred retirements will not receive payouts until the date they become eligible to retire.

 In order to be eligible for a sick leave payout your salary must be under $60,000for a period of 5 years prior to retirement.  Sick leave payout is based on an annual salary amount of $20,000 and is only payable for up to 75 days.  Payments are process by the Finance Department and will be mailed to the retiree in a separate check to their address on file.  For further information regarding sick leave payouts, consulted your employee handbook.  Sick leave payouts are not a pension benefit; therefore, the Retirement Office does not set the eligibility rules or process the payment.

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