What if I am not satisfied with the County Board’s decision?
You may appeal the County Board’s decision to the Tennessee State Board of Equalization. An appeal must be filed with the State Board within forty-five (45) days from the county board notice. For additional information, please contact the Tennessee State Board of Equalization by calling 615-401-7883 or visit the SBOE website at www.comptroller.tn.gov/sboe. The State Board of Equalization’s administrative judges hold hearings in Memphis.

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1. What are the functions of the Board of Equalization?
2. What is the correlation between the County Assessor, County Trustee and the County Board of Equalization?
3. How can a Forced Assessment be adjusted?
4. How can I appeal the assessed value of my property?
5. Who can I call if I need help?
6. May I file an appeal for a prior year?
7. How can I confirm my appeal has been received and filed?
8. May I withdraw my appeal?
9. Should I wait until after my hearing to pay my property taxes?
10. When will I have a hearing?
11. What can be expected at the hearing?
12. What types of evidence should I provide?
13. How soon will I receive a decision from the Board?
14. What if I am not satisfied with the County Board’s decision?