My lender says I need to buy flood insurance, but my lot is not shown in the SFHA.
For virtually every mortgage transaction involving a structure in the United States, a lender reviews the currently effective FIRM for the community in which the property is located to determine its location relative to the SFHA. In some cases, a lender incorrectly determines that a property is in a SFHA. If you would like FEMA to make an official determination regarding the location of your property relative to the SFHA, you may apply for a Letter of Determination Review (LODR). The LODR process does not consider the elevation of the structure or property. Rather, it considers only the horizontal location of the structure relative to the SFHA shown on the FIRM. FEMA reviews this information and issues its finding of whether the structure is located in the SFHA according to the currently effective FIRM. While this determination cannot consider the elevation of your structure or property, it can be useful if you feel the lender's interpretation of the FIRM is incorrect. Please contact our office at (901) 545-4320 for advice and assistance.

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1. If I have sinkholes above a pipe or around a stormwater inlet, will the county fix them?
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11. My lender says I need to buy flood insurance, but my lot is not shown in the SFHA.
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