What are the benefits of volunteering in the Medical Reserve Corps?
  • Free emergency preparedness training
  • Learn how to prepare yourself and your family for emergency response to a disaster
  • Hands-on participation in emergency response drills / exercises
  • Be among the first to receive medication / immunization for yourself and your household if an emergency is declared
  • You can offer your skills as part of an organized response effort
  • You can provide significant benefits to the community by augmenting existing public health efforts and providing emergency backup that would otherwise be unavailable
  • Membership to a group with a strong sense of mission and purpose

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1. What is the purpose of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?
2. Why is the Medical Reserve Corps needed in Memphis and Shelby County?
3. Do I have to live in Memphis and Shelby County to be a MRC volunteer?
4. How does MRC unit differ from other emergency organizations, like the American Red Cross?
5. What duties might MRC volunteers perform in response to a disaster?
6. What other volunteer roles outside of disaster response could a volunteer do?
7. What are the age and training requirements for a MRC volunteer?
8. Will my volunteer participation interfere with my regular job?
9. How can I become a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer?
10. What are the benefits of volunteering in the Medical Reserve Corps?
11. If I register as a MRC volunteer, am I required to go if I am contacted?
12. What about liability exposure as a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer?
13. Are there tax deductions possible for volunteering?