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2004 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

View the complete 2004 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. 

Table of Contents

Introductory Section 

Financial Section

Basic Financial Statements
Government-wide Financial Statements

Fund Financial Statements
Governmental Funds

Proprietary Funds

Fiduciary Funds

Component Units

Required Supplementary Information
Budgetary Comparison Schedules

Combining and Other Statements and Schedules
Non-Major Governmental Funds

Internal Service Funds

Non-Major Component Units

Constitutional Officers

General Obligation Bonds
Other Budgetary Comparison Schedules

General Fund Budgetary Comparisons

Grant Funds Budgetary Comparisons

Statistical Section
  • General Government Expenditures By Function - Last Ten Fiscal Years pp.247-258
    - General Government Revenues By Source - Last Ten Fiscal Years pp.248
    - Property Tax Levies and Collections - Last Ten Fiscal Years pp.249
    - Construction Permits - Last Ten Fiscal Years pp.250
    - Assessed and Estimated Value of Taxable Property - Last Ten Fiscal Years pp.251
    - Property Tax Rates - Direct and Overlapping Government - Last Ten Fiscal Years pp.252
    - Ratio of Net General Bonded Debt to Assessed Value and Net Bonded Debt Per Capita - Las Ten Fiscal Years pp.253
    - Ratio of Annual Debt Service Expenditures for General Bonded Debt to General Government Expenditures - Last Ten Fiscal Years pp.254
    - Schedule of Direct and Overlapping Debt pp.255
    - Miscellaneous Statistics pp.256-257
    - Schedule of Salaries and Fidelity Bonds of Principle Officials pp.258