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Forensic Nursing, Advocacy, Counseling

Successful prosecution of sex offenders empowers both the victim and the community. When a sex crime is reported, the Shelby County Rape Crisis Center (RCC) plays an integral role in the investigative, prosecutorial and healing processes through its forensic, advocacy and counseling activities. When a victim of sexual violence presents to the center, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANES) collect and document physical and biological evidence of the crime, the results of which are shared with investigators and prosecutors. Because the legal system can be confusing and overwhelming to victims, RCC sexual assault advocates guide, educate, and support victims throughout the legal process. Sexual assault counselors provide crisis counseling, assessment and psychotherapeutic techniques to minimize the impact of violence. Center staff believe that engagement by the victim in counseling and criminal justice activities can facilitate healing and recovery.


The professionals at RCC are committed to taking steps to prevent future sexual assaults. And while staff of the RCC know that sexual assault is always the fault of the assailant and not the victim, outreach includes discussion of behaviors that expose victims to greater risk of assault, such as binge drinking, accepting rides from strangers, and unknowingly engaging online predators. The RCC staff provide education to any community group or area professionals at no charge. Prevention education is designed to strengthen individual knowledge and skills, as well as promote sexual violence as a public health priority in the community. A well informed community is a safe community.

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For questions or more information about prosecution and education, please contact Sandy Bromley at
(901) 222-4350. In an emergency, please call 9-1-1.