Disabled Placards

Who May Apply

The Shelby County clerk is now issuing disabled person's placards at all locations. Tennessee resident drivers and passengers confined to a wheelchair, those able to walk only with difficulty or uncertainty, or those with vision of not more than 20 / 200 with corrective lenses may apply for disability placards.

Temporarily disabled person placards are also available for those with a temporarily disabling condition. Temporary placards are issued for a six-month period and may be renewed one time.

Note: Placards are personal to the disabled driver or passenger and may be used in any vehicle in which the disabled person is riding or driving.

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

Application Process

To receive a disabled placard for the first time, the customer must have a completed Disabled Persons License Plate and/or Placard Application. The applicant must complete the top portion, and sign and date the form. The lower portion must be completed by a medical physician or Christian Science practitioner. Present the completed application at any Shelby County Clerk's Office location to receive your handicapped placard.


The renewal notice has a section for your doctor to complete. We provide a fillable form. You can fill it out in your browser, print it, and take it to a Shelby County Clerk's Office.


Costs related to disabled placards are as follows:
  • General permanently disabled placards (expires every two years) - $21.50
  • Permanently disabled placards for those confined to a wheelchair (expires every two years) - Free
  • Renewal of permanently disabled placards - $3
  • Renewal of temporarily disabled placards - $10
  • Replacement for lost placard - $2
  • Temporarily disabled placards - $10