Sign Ordinance


Sign ordinances are designed to protect and promote the public health, safety, and welfare by controlling the type, number, location, and physical dimensions of signs. This is intended to:
  • Enhance the quality of the environment in residential and non-residential districts
  • Prevent the disruptions, obstructions, and hazards to vehicular and pedestrian traffic that signs may cause
To view the Memphis and Shelby County Sign Ordinance, go to Chapter 4.10 of the Unified Development Code.

Permit Regulations

Outdoor advertising display means any letter, figure, character, mark, plane, point, marquee sign, design, poster, pictorial, picture, stroke, stripe, line, trademark, reading matter, or illuminated service, which shall be so constructed, placed, attached, painted, erected, fastened, or manufactured in any manner whatsoever so that the same shall be used for the attraction of the public to any place, subject, person, firm, corporation, public performance, article, machine, or merchandise, whatsoever, which is displayed in any manner whatsoever outdoors. Every outdoor display shall be classified and conform to the requirements of that classification as set forth in this chapter.

What is Inspected?

Every ground sign, roof sign, wall sign, and projection sign may be inspected by the building official or their authorized representative at intervals as required by the building official.

Permit Fees

The cost for sign permits is $0.75 per square foot of the sign, including billboards, with a $16 minimum and $20 copy change.