Regional Geographic Information Systems (ReGIS)

ReGIS was established by a Shelby County Commission resolution in 2004 to enable efficient collection, storage and collaborative use of geospatial information, facilitate technical communication between other government and private concerns in the Mid-South, establish GIS data standards, policies and protocols and identify funding sources that could be used to share the cost of data development and maintenance.
Mission Statement

The mission of the ReGIS is to develop an enterprise geographic information system that will assist and promote a shared, centralized, resource for decision makers and the general public.

In pursuing its mission, ReGIS strives to:

  •  Provide near-real-time technical and mapping support to Shelby County governmental agencies.
  •  Provide user-friendly public access, protect sensitive and/or proprietary information.
  • Protect Shelby County’s investment in GIS and help agencies avoid costly duplication.
  • Develop agreements with other agencies that will utilize economies of scale to reduce GIS costs and maximize data quality for system users.
  • Provide systems for assembly and integration of spatial data such as physical, biological, economic, demographic, and cultural resources.
  • Develop data structures, standards, applications and guidelines for GIS users.
  • Assist departments and other partners to reengineer existing workflow and create a more efficient and effective operating environment.
  • Be compatible with existing GIS systems within the region.

Vision Statement

 GIS will be an easy-to-use decision-making tool available to all SCG staff enabling access to data and information, promoting innovative solutions, and improving customer service to residents.

Services Provided

The ReGIS office offers thematic mapping and data analytics to a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental agencies.  We provide technical support to the Office of Preparedness for emergency preparedness planning, response and recovery efforts, such as floods, tornadoes, major civic events like the Liberty Bowl, etc.  We also provide ongoing support to the Election Commission, local Fire Departments and other emergency response agencies, State of Tennessee agencies such as the Department of Transportation, Environment and Conservation, and the Department of Economic Development.  The REGIS office is now responsible for zoning and development activity mapping and data maintenance for the Division of Planning and Development, and developed and hosts the Land Bank’s successful web application, and is in the process of web site application development for other County agencies as well.
If you would like to know more about the geography of Shelby County please follow this link to the GIS web site .

Contact Us

For additional information about the ReGIS Office,

6470 Haley Rd
Memphis, TN  38134