Clean Builders Guide

Why Clean Building is Important

Shelby County's Environmental Programs Department, known for its work in litter prevention and recycling, has identified construction and demolition sites as a major source of litter in Shelby County. Keeping your construction site clean not only improves its appearance, but increases worker safety by lowering the chance of an accident and decreasing liability. Since your name or your company's name is posted prominently on-site, maintaining a clean construction site should be a matter of pride as well.

The Clean Builders Brochure

The Shelby County Clean Builders Brochure was designed to help you demonstrate a commitment to litter prevention, recycling, and waste reduction on your construction site. You will see a number of benefits by following the guidelines offered here, including:
  • Cleaner job sites, which ultimately reduces liability
  • Environmentally aware contractors, subcontractors, and workers
  • Less litter on nearby streets and less chance for being fined on littering
  • Lower waste disposal costs through waste reduction and/or recycling
  • Positive visibility in the community (good advertising)

Contact Us

For more information on keeping your job sites cleaner and/or about wood waste recycling, please call the Shelby County Environmental Programs Department at (901) 222-7770.