Driveway Permit


In order for a property owner to install a driveway to the property from a public roadway they must first obtain a Driveway Permit. This permit assures that proper line-of-sight and stormwater regulations are followed. The permit also requires that all construction will be done according to the most recent Department of Construction Code Enforcement regulations. For questions about regulations contact Code Enforcement at (901) 222-8300.

Permit Costs

The cost for a driveway permit is $10 for a residential property and for commercial, industrial, and all other zoned properties the cost is the square footage of the driveway multiplied by $0.06. The driveway permit fee can be mailed in or brought to the Shelby County Engineering office at:
6463 Haley Road
Memphis, TN 38134

Process of Certification

To obtain a permit, the property owner or their contractor should contact the county engineering office at (901) 222-7742 or complete the top portion of the Driveway Permit Application above and fax it to (901) 222-7747.

If a drainage ditch is crossed by the proposed driveway, the County Engineering Department will determine the minimum size of the pipe to be used. The Engineering Department will then contact the driveway installer at the phone number provided.

For installations of driveways with a curb and/or gutter(s), the forms must be inspected prior to pouring concrete. The contractor must contact Chris Masin with the Shelby County inspection office at (901) 222-7744 to schedule an inspector to be on site prior to setting the concrete. If a culvert pipe is required the owner may install concrete, corrugated metal, or HDPE pipe. If the owner uses HDPE or corrugated metal pipe, the Shelby County Roads and Bridges Department will install the pipes free of charge. The owner should contact the Roads and Bridges Department at (901) 222-7705 to arrange for the installation of the pipe.