Family & Consumer Sciences

Family Financial Management

Shelby County Extension offers family budgeting, credit counseling, and smart shopping tips. For additional information about this program, contact Cathy Faust.

Foods & Nutrition

Learn how to properly choose, prepare, and preserve food for a healthy diet. The expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program was piloted in Shelby County in 1969, and the Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program in 1995. Both programs are designed to teach healthy eating practices to limited resource audiences. Food safety training is available for individuals and institutions. Contact Karen Bernard or Cathy Faust for more information about either of the above programs.

Providing nutritional education to low-income adults, seniors and children is also offered through Shelby County Extension. The goals of these programs is to help families and individuals develop better nutrition and dietary practices. The work is done through schools, community centers, churches and other organizations.