About the Zoning and Planning Maps

Welcome to the Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning and Development DPD GIS Viewer for display of zoning districts and land use information for Memphis and the unincorporated areas of Shelby County. Our first online interactive mapping application. DPD has been developing spatial data layers for use in its Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS is a technology that integrates software tools with spatial data, enabling the relationships of mapped features to be analyzed. DPD GIS Viewer is a mapping tool that can provide you with information about zoning, transportation, major roads, schools, political subdivisions, rails, census tracts, bike paths, and more.

Benefits & Functionality

With this unique application, users can find out what is in their backyard; and planners, developers, and builders can identify open space, various regulatory boundaries, sensitive lands, zoning, and much more. Using the department's DPD GIS viewer, users can also perform basic street searches and site queries, view and analyze the results along with selected GIS mapped data layers on a map, and print the map. Click the following link to access this mapping interface DPD GIS Viewer


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Annexation Maps

View the page that contains annexation maps.