Juvenile Court Judge

Duties & Organization

Judge Dan H. Michael was elected judge of the Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County in August 2014. As Judge, he hears appeals from the nine lower magistrates and presides over the major crimes docket, hearing the most serious felony cases at the Court. Judge Michael is also responsible for the administration of the court's Administrative Services Division, Court Services Division, and Child Support Services Division.

About Judge Michael

In 1995, Judge Michael was appointed Chief Counsel to Judge Kenneth Turner. In 1997, he became Magistrate Pro Temp. In 1998, he was awarded the Child Advocacy National Certificate of Recognition by the American Bar Association of Young Lawyers for "Significant Legal Contribution to Advancing the Welfare of our Nations's Children". In 2001, Judge Turner appointed him to the bench as a full-time Juvenile Court Referee. In January 2013, Judge Curtis S. Person appointed him as Chief Magistrate and Special Judge.