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All for art and art for all

Shelby County’s arts and culture sector is one of our greatest resources. Our county is home to a tapestry of arts and culture organizations that are at the forefront of creativity and artistry. As part of the Shelby County Nonprofit Committee, the Arts and Culture Subcommittee works collectively to identify challenges and provide solutions to uplift the sector and expand awareness of our county’s wonderful art and cultural assets to residents.  

Art and Culture Nonprofit Committee Accomplishments: 

We have launched as a hub for all art lovers, art beginners, and art and culture organizations.

We've hosted two Neighborhood Art Parties, with ArkWings & Stax Museum, to lift up art organizations around Shelby County.  

On June 25, 2023, we hosted the first Art for All Festival to highlight and unify the art and culture organizations that enliven our community. See some of the event photos below or click here to view all photos. 

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