Lakeland School System

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The Lakeland School System is led by Superintendent Ted Horrell. Shelby County’s smallest municipal school district, Lakeland was founded in 2013 and serves less than 700 students in only 2 schools. Lakeland Preparatory(5-8) opened its doors in 2017, where a new high school wing is currently in construction. Though small, Lakeland School System has much to be proud of in its self description: “Our K-8 system is one of the highest-performing in the state, and we offer numerous opportunities for students to learn, grow, and lead in our schools and beyond. Lakeland School System is designated as an Exemplary School District by the Tennessee Department of Education thanks to the hard work of our caring and dedicated staff, faculty, and administration.”

By the Numbers

  • 11% Black
  • 7% Latino
  • 6% Asian
  • 73% White
  • 72% Proficiency in Math
  • 72% Proficiency in English