Veteran Highlights

MIKE DAVIS – Community Engagement Outreach Coordinator, Community Services Division

LYDIA BEY – Civil Service Specialist, Human Resources

KENNETH PINKEY – Classroom Supervisor, Mayor’s Office

MARRITTA MARTIN – Jail Sergeant, Sheriff’s Office

KAMISHA BAGGINS – Corrections Deputy, Sheriff’s Office

CHARLES ALTON  Computer System Analyst, Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office

VONZETTA DOUGLAS  Corrections Program Specialist I, Division of Corrections

DENFORD GALLOWAY – Manager B Planning Council, Health Services

RICHARD GOFORTH – Sheriff Patrol Sergeant, Sheriff’s Office

PATRICIA WALKER – Supervisor A, Assessor’s Office

ERNEST BENSON – Environmentalist Lead, Health Department

JOHN GARCIA – Sheriff Lieutenant, Sheriff’s Office   

LLOYD KIMBLE – Supervisor B, Health Department 

JONATHAN LESS – Sheriff Patrol Sergeant, Sheriff’s Office 

SHERMONDRIA RANSOM – Public Health Coordinator, Health Services 

MARK RICHARDSON – Appraiser, Assessor’s Office 

BARRY FORD – Business Services Analyst I, Criminal Court Clerk’s Office 

TRAVIS GREEN – Chief Administrator, Register of Deed’s Office