Youth Services Bureau


The purpose and mission of the Youth Services Bureau is to develop, manage, and supervise community-based programs for children in Shelby County who require supervision by the court.

Goals & Objectives

Using a sensible, not sanctimonious approach, the goals of the Youth Services Bureau are to correct, re-educate, redirect, and rehabilitate unruly and delinquent children who come before the court.

Services & Programs

The Youth Services Bureau Program Services Section encompasses the following:
  • Case Management: Case Management is the court’s home confinement program for delinquent juveniles who are placed in the custody of the Youth Services Bureau. This program utilizes state-of-the-art electronic technology, such as voice recognition, ankle bracelets, and GPS technology. The various levels of monitoring are used as graduated sanctions for those youth in need of closer supervision.
  • Drug Offenders Control System (DOCS): This system began in February 1990, and is designed to monitor youth that have committed drug offenses or are in need of drug education treatment. Youth follow the same rules as Case Management and must attend a community-based alcohol and drug program along with their parents. All children are randomly tested for drugs by urinalysis. After the youth have successfully completed their home confinement, drug education class, and have clean drug screens, they are discharged from the program.
  • Intensive Case Management (ICM): Youth are placed on this program after a case assessment is conducted following the court hearing. When it is determined that the youth is in need of more intensive supervision they are assigned an intensive case manager who not only works closely with the child, but the entire family. The case manager makes home visits, checks on the child at school, and helps identify and develop community resources that will benefit the youth. They may also act as an advocate for the youth.