Detention Services Bureau


Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment while protecting public safety.

Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Detention Services Bureau are to:
  • Allow no escapes from secure detention
  • Develop programs that will provide positive exposure for youth on an ongoing basis
  • Increase exposure of youth in the center to area programs that may assist them

Services & Programs

The Detention Center Bureau is comprised of three distinct areas: Central Detention Control, Boys Detention, and Girls Detention.

We are responsible for the health, safety, care, and humane treatment of all youth under our jurisdiction, and are accountable to the people of Memphis and Shelby County. We recognize that our employees are our most important resource and are committed to the personal well-being and professional development of all employees.

Intake, Visitation & Pickup

Central Detention intake processes every child transported to the court by law enforcement. Intake is responsible for all functions related to in processing as well as release responsibilities. The Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County is the only detention center within the State of Tennessee utilizing the Detention Assessment Tool (DAT). The DAT guides intake counselors on objective decision-making as to which children meet criteria for secure detention pending a detention hearing.


Central Detention Control is located on the second floor, adjacent to the lobby off the main elevator. This is the area you need to go to check in for visitation and when picking up a child. If you come to pick up your child or check in for visitation you must have a valid ID. Only parents / legal guardians and grandparents are permitted to visit children who are in the Detention Center. Children will only be released to a parent or legal guardian.

Additional Resources