Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office Collections Department is responsible for all monetary transactions for Juvenile Court.  This includes:

  • All cash window activity generated from courtroom dockets, walk-ins, court costs, filing fees, juvenile traffic tickets and any other fees assessed by the court judicially or non-judicially
  • Child support payments by mail, in-person, or over the phone with credit/debit card
  • Collection and disbursement of court ordered restitution payments.
  • Garnishment of unpaid court cost bills.
  • Employer payroll – child support and cost fees.
  • Writing of all appearance bonds, cash or surety, for juveniles and adults.
  • Answering all calls from the main Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office phone line and transferring to the proper departments.
Child Support Collections

Beginning in October, 1999, most child support collections were redirected to the centralized collections process through the State of Tennessee in Nashville.  However, the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office still processes payments and collected $3,144,228.72 in child support transactions for 2021.

The Collections Office is responsible for maintenance and collection of all court costs and fees.  In 2021, the office collected $59,369.02 in court costs and filing fees.

The clerk's office received $442,652.93 in state-reimbursement for services associated with these collections under the Title IV-D Child Support Program.

The Collections Office is open from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday, and is located in room 162 at Juvenile Court.  Payments can also be made by mail with a money order or cashier's check and must  include both the name of the payor and the name of the payee, and docket number if available.  This can be mailed to: Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office, 616 Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN  38105.  Payments may also now be made over the phone.  This payment option is for payment by debit or credit card and each transaction will be charged a 3% surcharge (minimum of $2.00).  To pay by phone, please call 901-222-0600.