Properties Eligible for Receivership (NPA)

A Receiver will assist the Shelby County Environmental Court when the owner or interested party is unable to abate a public nuisance or is otherwise non-compliant with the Court’s Order to Abate. The Receiver shall submit a development plan to abate the nuisance and file a report with the Court every sixty (60) calendar days. Upon completion of the detailed development plan, the Receiver shall file a final report with the Court indicating that the public nuisance has been abated and move the Court for the establishment of the full amount of the Receiver’s lien.

Properties Eligible for Receivership

NPA Statute Governing Receivership

Step-by-Step Guide for Potential Receivers

Information and Instructions for Receivers

Information and Instructions for Qualified Buyers

After reading this information, if you would like to act as a Court-appointed receiver, please print and complete the Receivership application, file with General Sessions Clerk, and submit a copy to the Court. 

 Receivership Application

 Qualified Buyer Application