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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Summer Work Experience

The Mayor Lee Harris’ Summer Work Experience provides Shelby County youth and young adults with an opportunity to learn new skills, gain financial independence, and grow their professional network. Every year, up to 200 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are invited to work for Shelby County Government in social services, public health, emergency management, or government administration. For 2021, we’ll continue to adapt to COVID-19 with a modified program for young adults (ages 18-24 only) for eight weeks. This year’s mantra is "Rising Above Challenges" and we know that the Summer Work Experience cohort will rise above challenges and take action that positively impacts our community.
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A Message from Shelby County Mayor’s Director of Education, Dr. Cedrick Gray

The Mayor Lee Harris Summer Work Experience Program is about showing young people that Shelby County is a home where they have a prosperous future. This program is grounded in the truth that our young people are our county’s most precious asset. Through these efforts, the Office of Education has now become more than a convener or liaison for education policy; we’re an office focused on opportunity for youth to thrive in their respective communities. The Mayor Lee Harris Summer Work Experience is an expression of what is possible when vision and opportunity meet action.

This program is about a meaningful experience where students learn what books haven’t yet taught them. It’s about feeling the pride of making a contribution to society while earning an income. Ultimately, for its participants, the program is about investing in other as well as in yourself. Youth also gain a sense of independence and gain insight into the professional world, as they learn from experts in various fields. And above all, our youth walk away prepared for living, learning, and working in Shelby County. Let’s have a great summer!

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