2020 Youth Job Opportunities

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Mayor Lee Harris Headshot

A Message from Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris

Nearly 100,000 young adults reside in Shelby County each summer and many of them need high-quality, professional work. In the summer of 2020, our team is proud to convene our second year of Mayor Lee Harris’ Summer Work Experience where we connect young people with meaningful work. The Summer Work Experience provides an opportunity for participants to learn new skills in a job with directed professional development, earn income to set or strengthen financial positioning, and make new friends while creating unique memories. Reaching all of our young people will take leadership at every level to answer the call and take action. Our youth are not short on ability, only opportunity.

A Message from Shelby County Mayor’s Director of Education, Dr. Cedrick Gray

As a former teacher, principal, superintendent, and a father to a high schooler – I live in the truth that our young people are our county’s most precious asset. In the first year, the Office of Education has become more than a convener or liaison for education policy; we’re an office focused on opportunity for youth. The Mayor Lee Harris Summer Work Experience is an expression of what is possible with coordination, vision, and most importantly – action. This program is about a meaningful experience where students learn what books haven’t yet taught them. It’s about feeling the pride of saving for that pair of shoes or first car or even investing in a start-up business. And above all, our Summer Work Experience is about showing young people that Shelby County is a home where they have a long future – for living, learning, and working. Let’s have a great summer!

Photos from 2019 Summer