2018 Transition Report

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The 2018 Transition Report is a compilation of recommendations for Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris to consider for the betterment of Shelby County. The recommendations are presented by the Mayor's selection of over 40 civic leaders who are skilled champions of various causes that are influenced or directly managed by Shelby County Government.

Along with Co-Chair Paul Morris, Co-Chair Lionel Hollins and a host of esteemed honorary chairs, the   transition Team accepted the Mayor’s challenge to think big and be specific.

As you review the recommendations, please consider ways that you may be a partner in implementing one or more of the efforts that align with your interests. 

To create a stronger, more collaborative Shelby County that reflects the public’s interests, it will take all of us working together and holding each other accountable. We hope you join us.

Co-Chair Paul Morris

Co-Chair Lionel Hollins 

Executive Director Danielle Inez

Download the Full Transition Report.