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Information and Assistance
Phone: 901-222-4100

Employee Name Title Department Email address Phone Number
Daugherty, Kim Interim Executive Director. Administration 901-222-4150
Cinder, Jones Financial Services Manager Administration 901-222-4163
Towns, Stephanie CHOICES Outreach Coordinator CHOICES 901-222-4165
Williams, Sharon CHOICES Program Manager CHOICES 901-222-4120
Rogers, Anitra Acting Options Manager HCBS 901-222-4141
Coutler, Kathryn Manager, Information and Assistance Info. Assistance 901-222-4110
Franklin, Adrienne SHIP Coordinator SHIP 901-222-4105
Smith, Sandra SHIP Volunteer Coordinator SHIP 901-222-4106
  SNAP (Food Stamps) Coordinator SNAP 901-222-4100
Mathews, Annette Public Guardian Conservator Public Guardian 901-222-4181