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Name Topic Phone Number
Wanda Chambers Loan Officers/Lenders for the DPA Program 222-7600
Safranski Durr Lead Applications, Education & Outreach Events 222-7603
Tom Fletcher Contractor Information 222-7608
Israel Henry Subordination Agreements 222-7616
Ruby Hill DPA Closing Documents & Insurance Certificates 222-7609
Antoinette Knowlton Rehab Applications, Contract Signing, Rehab Lien Releases 222-7605
Amanda Lanier PO Status & Payment Updates 222-7617
Mario Moton Fair Housing & Section 3 222-7614
Anita Tate Active Rehabilitation/Lead Hazard Control Projects, Rehabilitation/Lead Warranty Issues 222-7604
Toni Smith-Watt DPA Loan Balance, DPA Payoff Quotes, DPA Payment Information 222-7619
Sydney McGhee Wright Planning and Community Development, Lead Lien Releases 222-7601