Role of the Minutes Department


The primary role of the Minutes Department is maintaining the official records of the County Commission as it relates to Resolutions, Minutes, Ordinances, and Agendas from the County Commission and Committee Meetings, as well transcripts from the Beer Board Meetings (any official documents from the Beer Board will be found with the County Clerk’s Office).


The Minutes Clerk and serves in the capacity of Keeper of the Record by way of compiling the final action of the Shelby County Board of Commissioners conducted during official Business Meetings. The Minutes Clerk maintains the official record as outlined by state law in Minutes Book dated 1986 to present. During Commission Business meetings, the Minutes Clerk tallies votes and keeps record of all speakers.  The Minutes Clerk also certifies approved resolutions, ordinances, and Bond Debt Documents as required by state statute. Additionally, the Minutes Clerk issues public hearing notices in all matters that come before the Shelby County Board of Commissioners via applicant appeals from the Memphis and Shelby County Office of Planning and Development and other county entities as required.

The Assistant Minutes Clerk, serves in the role of the official clerk of record during County Commission Committee Meetings. The Assistant Minutes Clerk serves in the capacity of Clerk for the County Commission only in the absence of the Minutes Clerk. During Commission Business meetings the Assistant Minutes Clerk operates the Audio and Video equipment, tallies votes and keeps record of all speakers during Commission Business Meetings and transcribes the Commission Business meetings verbatim as is required by state law. The Assistant Minutes Clerk transcribes a summary of the monthly Beer Board Meetings and is also charged with transcribing Committee minutes as requested by County Commissioners or the Legal Division of County Government for official proceedings in a court of law.

Requested Documents

All Minutes are Public Record and can be accessed online via!samples/sample-cq/index.html
or via click on the Online Minutes tab. Documents can be requested by viewing the Request for Minutes Documents Records. Once Resolutions/Ordinances have been duly approved by the Shelby County Board of Commissioners, the signed resolutions are provided to the Mayor for signature four (4) days after approval. The Mayor has 10 days from his receipt as stated in the Shelby County Charter to return the signed Resolutions/Ordinances to the Shelby County Commission Minutes Department.

Link to the Shelby County Charter for Section (Legislative Branch) 2.06 and 2.07.