Helping Your Community

The Shelby County Division of Corrections (SCDC) is currently seeking volunteers interested in helping others, while working in a challenging environment, by assisting incarcerated men and women with educational / vocational programs, arts and crafts, and life skills courses.

One of our primary goals as an institution is to attempt to rehabilitate those incarcerated. Volunteers at SCDC serve as an interface between the faculty, clients, and the public, and help provide opportunities for clients to have a more productive life upon their release.


The Division of Corrections recruits from all cultural and socioeconomic segments of the community to meet identified needs. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Volunteers may provide professional services only when certified or licensed to do so. Ex-offenders may become certified volunteers upon recognition of the administration / coordinator.

Get Involved

If you would like get involved in the community and work with the SCDC, please view our volunteer: Also Please Print and Mail The Motor Vehicle/Criminal History Records Review Form:
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  • For additional information, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Paula Wilson at (901) 222-8638 or you may fax to (901) 222-8739.