Day Reporting Center


Day Reporting Center (DRC) is a satellite site located at 6285 Haley Rd. near the Shelby County Corrections Center. It was implemented in 2004 as a three-year awardee of the Edward Byrne Memorial Grant for $100,000 per year. The services provided by the DRC are essential to assist individuals in complying with court-ordered conditions of release, educating them on the impact of their behavior on the community, and encouraging them to refrain from continued criminal activities.

The basic concept of the DRC is to acclimate individuals to the daily routine of reporting to a strictly supervised environment where they are expected to adhere to a schedule and engage in productive activities. The DRC offers educational and job seeking skills for participants who demonstrate their willingness to abide by the rules and make positive changes in their lives.

The center also offers a four-phase program, which provides participants with incentives to graduate to levels that reduce the number of days on which they directly report to the facility.

Benefits of the DRC

Upon the approval from the DRC, recommendations are made for conditional release of low- to moderate-risk individuals, providing a threefold benefit:
  • To ascertain the individuals' awareness of court dates in an effort to increase the likelihood of court appearances
  • To enhance the quality of life for participating individuals
  • To reduce the recidivism rate