E-Filing in Circuit and Chancery Courts


In late June, 2012, Shelby County Circuit and Chancery Courts implemented an E-Filing system utilizing software developed by Tybera Development group. The E-filing system, tradenamed “eFlex”, is fully integrated with both Courts’ existing Case Management Systems, that were developed by ACS/Xerox.

What is E-Filing

The Shelby Courts are taking advantage of efficiencies of modern electronic communication and paperless documents with eFlex. Documents for a case can be prepared by the filer as they always have been, but instead of having to personally deliver and file documents, the filer can electronically file a case and upload documents to the Courts via the Internet.

Many court functions, such as payment of filing fees, display of division calendars, notifications between opposing parties, and especially, online access to documents are now paperless. As a result, these functions are carried out in ‘real time’ without physical paper documents slowing the process.

Request an Account

Please download our E-filers Guide and familiarize yourself with the E-filing system, before requesting an account. Tennessee attorneys and out of state attorneys who have or will do business with the Courts can request an account starting from the home page of the E-filing website.

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