E-filing FAQs

Is there a membership or usage fee for E-filing?

No, the E-Filing system is provided as a service to Attorneys, Process Servers and Pro se free of charge. Of course, normal Court filing fees still apply.

My request for an E-filing account was rejected. Any suggestions?

The most common error involves an improper choice of User Name. For TN Attorneys, your User Name must be your BPR number, minus the leading zeros. For example, if your BPR number is 023615, your User Name will be 23615.

What documents can be E-filed?

Basically, any documents may be E-filed. The one exception would be ‘depositions’ or ‘trial transcripts’ submitted for cases filed prior to June 25, 2012. These cases began as "paper files", before electronic filing began, and the court requires that these ‘depositions’ and ‘transcripts’ continue to be submitted as bound documents for these cases.

The documents in my filing exceed the size limitation. What should I do?

We would prefer your document with attachments to be submitted as a whole. However, there is a 3 MB per document size limitation. If your filing exceeds this limitation, you may split it up to a maximum of 5 documents of 3MB each, which equals the 15 MB maximum limit per filing. Use the "Exhibit" document type for the extra pages, and indicate the main filing for the extra pages in the "additional text" box. For example, "Exhibit 1 to Memorandum."

My filing was accepted, but I can't view the documents. How can I view them?

Currently, Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and Firefox browsers will allow you to view documents. More browsers should be compatible in the future.

How do I E-file a divorce?

New divorces and Counter Complaints for divorce must always be submitted to the Divorce Referee when E-filing. After review, your submission will be assigned to Circuit or Chancery Court according to a ratio spelled out in the Local Rules.

How do service papers get "issued" when I E-file?

Upon acceptance of the filing, a signature page will attach to the submitted service document, indicating the docket number, date of issuance and the accepting clerk's signature. For service other than the Shelby County Sheriff, you will need to print two copies of the service document including the signature page, attach a copy of the complaint if needed, and forward to the appropriate agency for service.

My filing was rejected. I don’t want to pay for this filing twice. What do I do?

Court personnel examine submitted filings throughout the day, searching for rejections. If a filing is rejected, the credit card charge is voided. Submit the filing with the suggested corrections and you will only be charged once.

As an attorney, how do I associate myself with my client on an existing case?

By filing an “Answer” or “Notice of Appearance” through E-filing, you can become a party to a case and become associated with parties already on the case.

I want to E-file on a case that has already been closed. What is the procedure?

When you E-file on a Post Judgment Case, always choose the Post Judgment ‘Document Category’ and the Post Judgment ‘Document type’, even though there may be other choices. You will be directed to the fee page where you can pay the appropriate fee, and during Clerk Review, the staff will determine the appropriate Post Judgment document type, according to the document submitted.

I am trying to file a Guardian Ad Litem’s Report (under seal). I keep getting an error message saying “case ID not found.” Any suggestions?

Due to the sensitive nature of information and documents contained in a sealed case, no sealed cases are accessible online. In addition, no case sealed by the Court, statute, or type of case, can be E-filed. Case initiation and filings must be conducted at the Circuit or Chancery filing counters in the Courthouse at 140 Adams.

As an attorney, how can I remove myself from a case, and stop receiving email notifications?

For cases that are not disposed, but still active, the standard withdrawal procedure applies. You should file a motion with the Court to be removed from the case, or removed from representing a client or clients. For cases that have been disposed, but there may be post-judgment activity, you should contact Circuit or Chancery’s filing counter to get assistance with this issue.

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