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Motions, Status Conferences, and Other Hearings - Division V

Specially Set Appearances: To schedule motions, status conferences, and other hearings specially, contact the Division V clerk who will provide a date and time for the matter to proceed. Prior to a remote hearing, the court will send you Zoom login information. Email any documents for review before the proceeding and any proposed orders for consideration following the proceeding.
In-Person Appearances: For in-person appearances other than jury trials, the Court will attempt to have no more than fifteen persons in the courtroom at a time, not including courtroom staff. Sequestered witnesses and all persons in the courtroom must remain at least three feet apart. Wearing face covering while in the courtroom is not required but is strongly encouraged.
Motions: Although Division V will hear motions Monday through Friday, motions can be set online for the Friday motion docket. Until further notice, the Friday motion docket will be conducted remotely. The court will send a 9:00 a.m. Zoom invitation to the movant who will be responsible for providing the login information to opposing counsel and all others who should be in attendance. The login information will be the same each week for motions on Fridays at 9:00 a.m. –

For a motion to be heard, the movant must have submitted a certificate of consultation as required by Local Rule 5(H).

Uncontested Divorces

Until further notice, uncontested divorces will be conducted remotely. Before getting a confirmed hearing date for an uncontested divorce, you must have submitted in advance the paperwork listed below to the Division V divorce referee, Ms Yollander Hardaway, at hardawayy@bellsouth.net:

  • Complaint
  • Marital Dissolution Agreement
  • Proposed Final Decree
  • If applicable, parenting seminar certificate and proposed Parenting Plan
  • Other paperwork (cost bill, demographic sheet, insurance notice, military affidavit, and divorce certificate)

After Ms Hardaway determines your case is ready to proceed and confirms your date, she will send you a 9:00 a.m. Zoom invitation. The login information will be the same each week for uncontested divorce hearings on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m.
Prior to the hearing, email Ms Hardaway and the court the proposed final decree and, if applicable, the proposed parenting plan.
Note: Until in-person parental education seminars are available, the court will allow parties to attend on-line classes offered by providers on the Shelby County Circuit Court’s approved list.

Settlement of Minor’s Tort Claim

Unless a minor settlement involves a settlement of more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000), a structured settlement, or a minor who is not represented by an attorney licensed in Tennessee, the Court does not have to approve the settlement.
For a minor settlement requiring Court approval under TCA § 29-34-105, contact the Division V courtroom clerk for a date to appear telephonically or by video conference for the court to appoint a guardian ad litem. After the court appoints the GAL and receives the GAL’s report, contact the Division V courtroom clerk for a hearing date. The court will provide video conference login information for the appearance. Email proposed orders and any documents the court needs to review before the hearing. The legal guardian and minor must be available for the hearing.

Submission of Orders

Email proposed orders to the Division V clerk at Circuit.Division5@shelbycountytn.gov or leave them in the Division V box in Room 208. If available, provide email addresses for all attorneys/self-represented parties so the clerk can email attested copies.


Appropriate attire is mandatory for any appearance in court, whether as a participant in a case, a witness, or an observer. Appropriate attire not only helps maintain decorum but shows respect for our laws and courts.

As a general rule, think of the courtroom as a formal environment. Dress as you would when going for an important job interview. You will be barred from the courtroom if you violate the court dress code. Regardless of how you personally feel about the dress code, please obey the rules.

Suggested Guidelines -
Men: wear shoes with socks; long pants (on pants with belt loops, wear a belt); shirt (tucked in) with or without a jacket

Women: wear shoes; a dress, skirt or long pants; a blouse, sweater or casual dress shirt (if your top is sleeveless, wear a jacket or sweater)

You will NOT be allowed to enter the courtroom wearing the following inappropriate clothing (this may result in default of your civil case):

  • Shorts
  • Hats, baseball caps, curlers
  • Halter, tube top, spaghetti straps, or low-cut top
  • T-shirt or muscle shirt
  • See-through clothing
  • Flip flops
  • Clothing that exposes your midriff or underwear
  • Ripped or torn jeans
  • Baggy pants that fall below your waist
  • Clothing with an emblem or wording that promotes illegal or inappropriate activity
  • Clothing that depicts or promotes violence, sex acts, illegal drug use or profanity

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