Rules of the Court

Local Rules of Practice

The Local Rules of Practice are in place to provide smooth operation of business transactions heard in either the Circuit, Chancery, General Sessions or Probate Courts of Shelby County. The rules cover a wide-range of topics from attire in the courtroom to pre-trial procedures. The rules apply to members of the legal community, as well as pro se litigants. Please review the rules prior to conducting business at the courthouse.

Local Rules of Practice (PDF)

Note that rules concerning Motions are covered by Rules Five, Six and Seven. Rules concerning Domestic Relations, including Divorces are covered by Rules Thirteen and Fourteen.

Proposed Amendments

Presiding Judge Memo

Redlined Proposed Local Rules

Clean Proposed Local Rules

Division Preferences

The Circuit Court Division Preferences, are special instructions and conventions to be followed when conducting business in a particular Division. Each Division’s preferences are unique.

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