In our efforts to further contain costs of the County’s employee medical program and reduce out-of-pocket employee expenses, the County has partnered with the Regional One Health(formerly “The MED”) .

Shelby County Government and Regional One Health have entered into an agreement effective May 16, 2012, to waive copays, deductibles, and coinsurance for eligible inpatient and outpatient services for County employees and their dependents who are covered by the County’s healthcare plan with CIGNA Healthcare. This agreement also includes services at Regional One Health Loop Clinics. The waiver of out-of-pocket employee cost applies to Regional One Health facilities only.

The waiver DOES NOT apply to Emergency Room (ER) visits at Regional One Health. ER services are still subject to applicable copay, deductible, etc. In addition, the waiver DOES NOT apply to physicians providing services at Regional One Health who are not Regional One Health employees. Non-employee Regional One Health physician group charges will be billed separately from the hospital. The employee will be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses relative to non-employee Regional One Health physician charges as will be indicated on your CIGNA Healthcare Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Charges for physicians who are Regional One Health employees will be reflected on Regional One Health's billing and subject to the waiver agreement.

CIGNA Healthcare will process eligible facility Regional One Health medical claims in the usual manner. Should you have services at the Regional One Health, your CIGNA EOB will show your copay and/or deductible amounts, etc., under “What You Owe”. You will, however, receive a bill from Regional One Health for services which are not covered under your CIGNA Healthcare Plan. (View a sample EOB.)

This agreement may be cancelled upon 30 days written notice to the County. The waiver is not applicable to the County Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare covered employees and dependents.

Listed below are The Regional One Health facilities:

To schedule appointments, please use updated phone numbers listed below.

View a current list of physicians who are employees of Regional One Health.

Regional One Health
877 Jefferson Avenue
Memphis TN 38103

Health Loop Clinics (4 Locations)

Guthrie Clinic
1064 Breedlove Street, Suite 101
Memphis, TN 38107
Appointment Phone #: 901-515-5400

South Third Clinic
1955 3rd Street
Memphis, TN 38109
Appointment Phone #: 901-515-5800

Hollywood Clinic
2500 Peres Avenue, Suite 101
Memphis, TN 38108
Appointment Phone #: 901-515-5500

Frayser Clinic
2574 Frayser Blvd
Memphis, TN 38127
Appointment Phone #: 901-515-5300