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Litter In Our Community

Litter is a growing problem in our community and threatens not only our property values but also our health and safety. Shelby County has made it a priority to work with the community to reduce the practice and effects of littering.

What is Littering?

Imagine this scenario. You are jogging down the street for exercise. You’ve just finished drinking your water bottle and are now ready to throw it away. You don’t see a garbage can around, and you begin to get impatient. You come across a grassy area that is scattered with trash. You decide to throw your bottle in the same area, because other’s have done it, and no one’s watching. This is littering, and it happens every day in Shelby County. Littering refers to the act of releasing items into areas that aren’t legally specified as trash disposal sites. As citizens of Shelby County, we all have to do our part to properly dispose of our waste, and reduce litter in our community.

How Does Litter Affect Us?

Littering results in the harborage of pests, expansion of blight, erosion of property values and an overall degradation of our County. Road crews pickup approximately a ton of trash daily, just in the unincorporated areas. The resources required to fight this growing problem, take away from other infrastructure and maintenance needs.

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