Driver's License

Driver's License Department

Renewals and Duplicates Only
We would like to welcome you to our office at 150 Washington Avenue, where we provide duplicates and renewals for Tennessee Driver's License and Identification cards.

We are open at this location from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Renewals of Driver's License:
  • We cannot renew any commercial license or handgun carry permits.
  • We cannot provide you with an original / first time Tennessee license or identification (I D.) card.
The cost for renewal is:
$36.00 - Regular 8-year D class license
$20.00 - Regular 8-year Identification Card

The regular driver's license can have an "F" endorsement, which will add $2.50 to the cost.

Duplicates of Driver's License or Identifications (I.D.)

The cost for duplicates is:
  • $16 - 1st duplicate
  • $20 - 2nd and up