Public Building Authority (FedEx Forum)


  • Meets as needed
  • FedEx Forum, Board Room
    191 Beale St.
    Memphis, TN 38103


Members of the New Arena Public Building Authority (FedEx Forum) serve six-year terms and consist of no more than 15 members that are duly qualified electors of Memphis and Shelby County. All members are jointly appointed by the mayor of Memphis and the mayor of Shelby County, and confirmed by both the Memphis City Council and the Shelby County Commission.


There are NO vacancies at this time.

County Members are:

Sonji Branch
David Levine
Allison Moody
Johnnie Turner

Henry Evans
Rod Loggins
Senator Mark Norris
Chris Garner
Tierney Matthews
David Peck

Kevin Kane
Representative Larry Miller
Willie Brooks, Jr.

Functions & Authority

The New Arena Public Building Authority (FedEx Forum) is a joint committee comprised of residents from Shelby County and the City of Memphis. It was created pursuant to state law for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, equipping, leasing, and disposing of the FedEx Forum Arena Complex.

The city and county assigned some, but not all, of their rights and responsibilities under the Memphis Arena Project Agreement to the New Arena Public Building Authority (PBA). Essentially, the PBA owns the property and leases it back to the city of Memphis and Shelby County for use as a public arena. The Sports Authority Corporation financed the project (issued bonds) and the PBA used the funds to build the project. The PBA will continue to exist until such time as the bonded indebtedness on the project is paid in full.

For additional information, please contact the county mayor's office at (901) 222-2000 or Herman Morris at (901) 575-6511.