Mechanical / Gas Code Board


  • Meets as needed
  • Training Room
    6465 Mullins Station
    Memphis, TN 38134


Members of the joint Memphis and Shelby County Mechanical / Gas Code Board serve three-year terms and consist of:


There are 2 vacancies at this time for a Commercial Mechanical Gas Contractor and
an Industrial & Commercial Mechanical Gas Contractor.

County Members are:

William Hartsfield
Mike Miller

Jeremiah Watson
John Saucier

Functions & Authority

The Mechanical / Gas Code Board is a joint board consisting of members from both the City of Memphis and Shelby County. Its functions are to:
  • Act as advisors to the administrator
  • Consider suggested changes in the Standard Codes, National Electrical Code, and other proposed changes in the Joint Technical Codes
  • Consider use of new materials or assemblies of materials for approval or rejection
For additional information about this board and its functions, please contact Allen Medlock, administrator of Code Enforcement, at (901) 222-8351.