Joint Board of Appeals


  • Meets as needed
  • Training Room
    6465 Mullins Station
    Memphis, TN 38134


Members of the Memphis and Shelby County Joint Board of Appeals serve three-year terms and consist of 17 members. All members are appointed jointly by the mayor of Memphis and the mayor of Shelby County, and confirmed by both the Memphis City Council and the Shelby County Commission. Four of the 17 members are representatives from the technical code boards.

In even years, the mayor of Shelby County appoints the chairman of the Board of Appeals, and the mayor of Memphis appoints the vice chairman. In odd years, the roles reverse.


Currently, there are two openings on this board.
  • One licensed mechanical engineer
  • One Elevator Sales and maintenance background
James Burke
Yolanda Kight
Brian Mann
Jamnu Tahiliani
Don White

David Canup
David Dixon
Danny McGroom
James Thomas, Sr.
Fred Collier
Michael Harless
Oscar Pruitt
Gary Wagoner

Functions & Authority

The Joint Board of Appeals hears appeals of decisions and interpretations from the building official and considers variances of the technical codes as defined in Section 108.4 of the technical codes. This board has jurisdiction over the construction codes of Shelby County and of the City of Memphis.

For additional information about this board, contact Allen Medlock, administrator of Construction Code Enforcement, at (901)222-8351