Electrical Code Board


  • Called meetings
  • Training Room
    6465 Mullins Station
    Memphis, TN 38134


Members of the joint Electrical Code Board serve three-year terms and are appointed either by the mayor of Memphis or by the mayor of Shelby County and approved respectively by the Memphis City Council or the Shelby County Commission. The board consists of seven members:
  • One professional or business person
  • Two electrical contractors who hold master electrical licenses
After the above categories of members have been appointed, the mayors shall appoint such other persons as desired


There are no vacancies on the Electrical Code Board at this time.

County Members are:

Xavier Davis                  
Anthony George
Benjamin Dunford
James Liles

Function & Authority

The purpose of the Electrical Code Board is to:
  • Develop orderly procedures for reviewing complaints, revoking a license, or otherwise disciplining a license holder
  • Establish and enforce standards for licenses
  • Establish dates for administering examinations
  • Recommend license, registration, and examination fee changes
  • Review examinations prepared nationally or locally
The Electrical Code Board is overseen by Allen Medlock, administrator of Code Enforcement. He may be reached at (901) 222-8351