Building Code Board


  • Called meetings
  • Training Room
    6465 Mullins Station
    Memphis, TN 38134


Members of the Memphis and Shelby County Building Code Board serve three-year terms and consist of:


There are no vacancies on this board at this time.

Functions & Authority

The Memphis and Shelby County Building Code Board is responsible for:
  • Acting as advisers to the administrator, building official, or chief inspectors
  • Adopting rules and regulations for the examination of applicants for licenses under the Joint Technical Codes
  • Considering suggested changes in the Standard Codes, National Electrical Code, and other proposed changes in the Joint Technical Codes

County Members Are:

David Grant
Julie Furr

Carter Hord
Jack Bearden

Mike Bilderbeck
Derrick Dones

The board is overseen by Allen Medlock, building official, at (901) 222-8351.