Air Pollution Control Board


  • Meets as needed
  • The Renaissance
    555 Beale St.
    Memphis, TN 38103


Members of the Air Pollution Control Board are jointly appointed by Shelby County and the mayor of Memphis, and jointly confirmed by the Shelby County Commission and Memphis City Council. Members serve four-year terms. This seven-person board must include:
  • One academician
  • One citizen elected by the Memphis Area Associations of Governments
  • One professional engineer
  • One Tennessee environmental lawyer
  • One Tennessee physician
  • Two representatives of industry at large


  • Vacancies -Currently seeking a Medical Doctor to serve on this Board.

County Members are:

James Holt
Roy Davis
James Lenschau
Robert Cash
Douglas Dugard
Alison Burton

Function & Authority

The Memphis and Shelby County Air Pollution Control Board was created to grant, deny, or revoke variance applications from air pollution control codes. For additional information about this board, please contact Bob Rogers, technical manager of pollution control, at (901) 222-9578