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Mosquito Control
Program Operations
The Shelby County Health Department conducts an integrated control program that incorporates surveillance and multiple forms of control including:
  • Adult Mosquito Control
  • Community Surveys
  • Habitat Reduction 
  • Investigations
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Larval Control
  • Public Education
  • Sanitation Enforcement
  • Surveillance

Control Activities
Control operations are primarily directed by surveillance. Larval habitats of mosquitoes are located, classified by the type of mosquitoes, cataloged, and mapped for the purposes of larviciding. Adult mosquito densities are monitored by traps and the captured mosquitoes are tested for disease. Control operations are designed to reduce larval habitat, as well as target the different life stages of the mosquito.

Public Education
Public education activities include:
  • Distributing informative pamphlets, fact sheets, and flyers
  • Giving presentations at town hall meetings, school assemblies, and community organizations
  • Informing the public of personal protective measures
  • Operating a Vector and Rodent Control hotline
  • Participating in health fairs
  • Releasing public health advisories through the media

Vasco A. Smith, Jr. County Administration Building • (901) 222-2300
160 North Main Street Memphis TN 38103
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