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Electricity, Gas & Water
MLGW LogoServing Shelby County
Memphis Light, Gas, and Water (MLGW) is the largest three-service municipal utility provider in the nation. We supply more than 400,000 customers in the City of Memphis and Shelby County area with electricity, natural gas, and water.

MLGW is supplied with electricity by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a federal agency that sells electricity on a nonprofit basis to its 159 distributors. MLGW is TVA's largest distributor, purchasing approximately 11% of TVA's power.

MLGW currently purchases natural gas on the spot market and transports it to Memphis across two open access pipeline companies: Texas Gas Transmission Corp. and Trunkline Gas Company. MLGW furnishes more than 60 billion cubic feet of gas per year to its 305,000 gas customers. MLGW has adequate system capacity to supply far beyond the present needs of its customers.

MLGW owns and operates one of the largest artisan water systems in the world. On a peak day, MLGW delivers approximately 200 million gallons of water to more than 248,000 customers. In the layer of water-bearing sands beneath the city, there is an abundant supply of naturally pure, high quality water that could accommodate the daily needs of a city several times the size of Memphis.

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Vasco A. Smith, Jr. County Administration Building • (901) 222-2300
160 North Main Street Memphis TN 38103
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