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Application Forms, Deadlines and Fees
1. Links to Application Forms

Land Use Control Board Applications
Click here for applications to be filed with the Land Use Control Board (these include planned developments, special use permits, subdivisions, etc.).

Board of Adjustment Applications
Click here for applications to be filed with the Board of Adjustment (these include variances and appeals).

Administrative Applications
Click here for applications to be filed administratively with OPD (these include zoning letters, administrative deviations, overlay district submittals, etc.).

2. General Rules for Application Submittals

All applications to the Office of Planning and Development are found below. In all instances, when submitting digital copies to OPD, please save all materials on a single PDF.

Review Tables

Click here to view the table that summarizes the departments, boards and bodies that review the following applications (this is derived from Section 9.2.2 of the UDC).

Click here to view the table that summarizes the public hearing and notification requirements for the following applications (this is derived from Sub-Section 9.3.4A of the UDC).

Click here to view the timetable for various types of relief under the UDC (a comparison of the administrative deviation, variance and planned development processes).

Sign Posting
Some of the applications below require a sign to be posted on the site, according to Section 9.3.4A of the UDC (look for the items with an "SP" indicated under the column entitled "Sign Posted"). Section 9.3.4C of the UDC explains the sign posting requirements, which also requires the applicant to fill out and sign an affidavit or take a photograph of the sign on the site. Click here to download a template of the sign as a Word document.

Neighborhood Notification
A few of the applications below (some rezonings and all new planned developments, special use permits and major subdivisions) require a neighborhood meeting prior to the Land Use Control Board. Click here for instructions on the neighborhood meeting. The annual calendar of Land Use Controls deadlines that is available below on this page includes the monthly deadline by which applicants must submit their neighborhood meeting notices to OPD for mailing. The UDC requires that all neighborhood associations within 1500 feet of a subject site must receive notice of the neighborhood meeting. To achieve this, it is suggested that notification be given to all associations within the planning district of the subject site. In addition, OPD staff will send monthly notification of all applications filed with the office to neighborhood associations registered with the Office of Community Affairs and Nextdoor (see "Pending Applications" section above).

Here is an updated list of the neighborhood association inside the City of Memphis prepared by the City of Memphis Office of Community Affairs, sorted by planning district. This list contains some associations in unincorporated Shelby County. Here is the list of the neighborhood associations in unincorporated Shelby County; some of which are not included in the list prepared by the Office of Community Affairs.

This map contains the planning districts of Memphis and Shelby County and should assist in the determination of the district in which a subject site lies.

Pending Road Improvements
Road widening projects may have an impact on an application filed with OPD. The status of road projects included in the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which is promulgated by the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization, may be gleaned from Chapter 8 of the LRTP. Specifically, page 8-41 of the LRTP contains a map of all pending road improvement projects. Here is a low-resolution copy of the map found on page 8-41. You may also contact Sajid Hossain at the MPO or Carlos McCloud at the Tennessee Department of Transportation; these individuals will also be routed all applications.

3. Deadlines and Fees

Click here to view the 2017 Application Deadlines.

Click here to view the approved Fee Schedule, which includes fees for all Land Use Control Board, Board of Adjustment and LUC administrative items.

Click here to view the Fee Refund Resolution, which provides for refunds for fees if an application is withdrawn.

Land Use Controls Staff

Go to the bottom of the Office of Planning and Development homepage for contact information for staff.

Vasco A. Smith, Jr. County Administration Building • (901) 222-2300
160 North Main Street Memphis TN 38103
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