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Judges & Courtroom Clerks
Honorable Felicia Corbin-Johnson
Division One--Room 204
Courtroom Clerk Division One
Phone: (901) 222-3827
Email Division One

Honorable James F. Russell
Division Two--Room 235
Courtroom Clerk Division Two
Phone: (901) 222-3828
Email Division Two

Honorable Valerie L. Smith
Division Three--Room 315
Courtroom Clerk Division Three
Phone: (901) 222-3829
Email Division Three

Honorable Gina C. Higgins
Division Four--Room 316
Courtroom Clerk Division Four
Phone: (901) 222-3825
Email Division Four

Honorable Rhynette Hurd
Division Five--Room 207
Courtroom Clerk Division Five
Phone: (901) 222-3832
Email Division Five

Judicial Assistants
Room 212
Phone: (901) 222-3836
Fax:     (901) 222-3819

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Honorable Jerry Stokes
Division Six--Room 214
Courtroom Clerk Division Six
Phone: (901) 222-3834
Email Division Six

Division Seven--Room 215
Courtroom Clerk Division Seven
Phone: (901) 222-3837
Email Division Seven

Honorable Robert S. Weiss
Division Eight--Room 226
Courtroom Clerk Division Eight
Phone: (901) 222-3835
Email Division Eight

Honorable Robert L. Childers
Division Nine--Room 236
Courtroom Clerk Division Nine
Phone: (901) 222-3846
Email Division Nine

Cary Woods--Divorce Referee
Room 327
Divorce Referee Assistant
Phone: (901) 222-2150
Email Divorce Referee

Vasco A. Smith, Jr. County Administration Building • (901) 222-2300
160 North Main Street Memphis TN 38103
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