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Summary Judgments - T.R.C.P. 56.04 - Motion and proceedings thereon. The motion SHALL be served at least thirty (30) days before the time fixed for the hearing. The adverse party may serve and file opposing affidavits NO later than ten (10) days prior to the hearing.

Dispositive motions will NOT BE HEARD if the Court does not receive a courtesy copy of the motion and memoranda from each participating party within the time period required by the T.R.C.P.


The Court will NOT entertain domestic relations arguments if they are not properly on the calendar for that particular Friday morning.

To set domestic matters on the Friday "Ten o'clock" calendar, use the Division Seven clipboard (located in the main Clerk's office, Room 224) to schedule matters. Only one (1) custody matter is allowed per Friday. This calendar is also used for Writs of Inquiry.


Pursuant to Rule 4 (C) (2) of the Local Rules, case settings will be done via a Readiness Certificate, which can be found on the Shelby County Portal—Circuit Court site on the Forms and Documents page. The certificate will be filled out and sent to the courtroom clerk of the specific division. You may send the certificate by hand-delivery, regular mail, e-mail (e-mail)  or fax (901-222-3819). This certificate will verify that the case is ready for trial and the attorneys will be available when the Court sets the case.

Any attorney or party may file an objection to the trial setting within ten (10) days of the filing of the Readiness Certificate. Either party may file a motion to dispose of the objection to setting the case for trial. After the ten (10) day period has passed, if there is no objection, the courtroom clerk will set the case for trial and notify the attorneys of said date.

Pursuant to Rule 4 (C) (3) of the Local Rules, in addition to the above, attorneys or pro se litigants may approach the Court to request a trial date.

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