Walter Bailey

Board of Commissioners
Title: Commissioner / District 8 Representative
Phone: (901) 222-1026
Walter L. Bailey

Walter L. Bailey, Jr. represents District 8, and holds the ubiquitous honor of the longest tenure on the County Commission having served the County Commission and the citizens of Shelby County since 1971 with only one interrupted term due to term limits. As the Commissioner with the most extensive service, he has served as Chairman of the General Government, Personnel/Fringe Benefits, Employment Opportunity and Notary Committee, and Education Committees as well as serving as Commission Chairman in 1989 and 2002.

Commissioner Bailey has been admitted to practice before the U. S. Supreme Court. As a community advocate, Commissioner Bailey was legal counsel in several landmark civil rights litigation cases, including the case which desegregated Shelby County public schools and the legal defense of Martin Luther King, Jr. during the 1968 sanitation workers' strike in Memphis.

Commissioner Bailey has served as President of the local A.C.L.U. and as Chairman of the Advisory Board to the Tennessee Supreme Court on criminal procedure. He is married, the father of 4 and a dedicated golfer, outdoorsman, and jazz aficionado.

Commissioner Bailey currently serves on the following Commission Standing Committees:
  • Community Services – Chair
  • Budget & Finance
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Conservation
  • Delinquent Tax Property
  • Education
  • Law Enforcement, Corrections & Courts
  • Core City, Neighborhoods & Housing

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