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STHD 18-002 (Speedway Terrace Historic District) STHD 18-002 (Speedway Terrace Historic District)
Designate properties to be included in Historic (H) Overlay District and to adopt Design Guidelines to apply within the District.
MLC 18-074 (Lea's Woods) MLC 18-074 (Lea's Woods)
New Construction of 1 1/2 Story Primary Structure, including Outbuilding & Site Improvement (Fence).
MLC 18-063 (Evergreen) MLC 18-063 (Evergreen)
Demolition and New Construction of Primary Structure
MLC 18-072 (Minor) MLC 18-072 (Minor)
Minor repairs to fence at rear of property.
MLC 18-078 (Minor) MLC 18-078 (Minor)
Minor addition of 5ft wrought iron fence.
MLC 18-077 (Minor) MLC 18-077 (Minor)
Minor shed replacement at rear of property.
MLC 18-076 (Minor) MLC 18-076 (Minor)
Minor sign change.
MLC 18-075 (Minor) MLC 18-075 (Minor)
Minor addition of attached garage & expansion of master bedroom at rear of main structure.
MLC 18-071 (Minor) MLC 18-071 (Minor)
Minor addition of three canopies to Central Station.
MLC 18-070 (Minor) MLC 18-070 (Minor)
Minor alterations to roof and rear façade.
MLC 18-069 (Minor) MLC 18-069 (Minor)
Minor exterior building alterations including covered porch at rear of property.
MLC 18-068 (Minor) MLC 18-068 (Minor)
Minor storm damage repair at rear of property.