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MLC 18-053 (Cotton Row) MLC 18-053 (Cotton Row)
Minor door change at 62 S. Front St.
MLC 18-052 (Glenview) MLC 18-052 (Glenview)
Minor reroofing at 1779 Glenview Ave.
MLC 18-050 (Central Gardens) MLC 18-050 (Central Gardens)
Minor modification of existing walls & addition of gates and fence at 1523 Goodbar Ave.
MLC 18-048 (Evergreen) MLC 18-048 (Evergreen)
Minor addition of in ground pool & outdoor arbor with covered roof at 1718 Overton Park Ave.
MLC 18-047 (Evergreen) MLC 18-047 (Evergreen)
Minor rear addition at 513 Stonewall St.
MLC 18-046 (Evergreen) MLC 18-046 (Evergreen)
Minor rear shed at 297 Stonewall St.
MLC 18-044 (Evergreen) MLC 18-044 (Evergreen)
Minor replacement of existing 8ft fence at 211 N. Mcneil St.
MLC 18-043 (Evergreen) MLC 18-043 (Evergreen)
Minor replacement of garage due to storm damage at 1762 Carruthers Pl.
MLC 18-042 (Glenview) MLC 18-042 (Glenview)
Minor window replacement at 1281 Worthington St.
MLC 18-041 (Central Gardens) MLC 18-041 (Central Gardens)
Minor construction of rear garage at 1610 Vinton Ave.
MLC 18-040 (Evergreen) MLC 18-040 (Evergreen)
Minor rear covered porch at 253 N. Mclean Blvd.
MLC 18-039 (Evergreen) MLC 18-039 (Evergreen)
Minor accessory dwelling unit at 273 N. McLean Blvd.
MLC 18-038 (South Main) MLC 18-038 (South Main)
Minor exterior lighting at 55 S. Main St.
MLC 18-045 (Evergreen) MLC 18-045 (Evergreen)
Minor storm damage repair at 1662 Autumn Avenue
MLC 18-049 (Gayoso-Peabody) MLC 18-049 (Gayoso-Peabody)
Temporary Mural at 60 S. Main St.
MLC 18-051 (Evergreen) MLC 18-051 (Evergreen)
Major additions & alterations at 257 Buena Vista Pl.
CYHD 18-001 (Cooper Young) CYHD 18-001 (Cooper Young)
Historic District Proposed Guidelines